Dr. R.Lakshmi Narayan completed his B. Tech. in Metallurgical and Materials Science Engineering at the Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology, Nagpur, in India in 2008 and received his PhD from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore in 2014. He joined Carnegie Mellon University as a Postdoctoral Fellow in April 2015. During this time (2015-2017) he was also a visiting scientist in Xi’an Jiaotong University, Xi’an, China. In August 2018, he received theGopalakrishnan-NTU Presidential Postdoctoral Fellowship in Nanyang Technological University, Singaporeand worked with the Singapore Centre for 3D printing (SC3DP). He joined the Department of Materials Science and Engineeringat IIT Delhi in August 2019 at IIT Delhi as an Assistant Professor. Dr. Lakshmi Narayan's research is focused upon understanding the multiscale structure-property correlations in advanced materials such as Metallic glasses and their composites, 3D printed metals and alloys and other functional materials. His main areas of focus are Fracture, Fatigue and Indentation mechanics.

Research Interests:

Structure Property correlations at various length scales in amorphous materials, Additive manufactured materials, Multilayers, Nano indentation, Fatigue and Fracture

Some Selected Publications:

1. S. Chandra, X.- P. Tan, R. L. Narayan, C.C. Wang, M. Descoins, D. Mangelinck, S. B. Tor, G. Seet, “A Generalized Hot Cracking Criterion for Nickel-Based Superalloys Additively Manufactured by Electron Beam Melting” Additive Manufacturing, In Press (2020).

2. Huang Sheng, R. L. Narayan, Sing Swee Leong, Wai Yee Leong, "Resolving the porosity-unmelted inclusion dilemma during in-situ alloying of Ti34Nb via Laser Powder Bed Fusion" Acta Materialia, 116522, In press, (2020).

3. Y. Li, K. Chen, R. L. Narayan, U. Ramamurty, Y. Wang, J. Long, N. Tamura, X. Zhou, “Multi-scale microstructural investigation of a laser 3D printed Ni-based superalloy”, Additive Manufacturing, vol.34, pp. 101220 (2020).

4. D. Rajpoot, R. L. Narayan, L. Zhang, P. Kumar, H. Zhang, P. Tandaiya, U. Ramamurty, "Shear fracture in bulk metallic glass composites", Acta Materialia (2021), Accepted.

5. Lin Tian, R. L. Narayan, Zhou Kun, Rita Babicheva, Upadrasta Ramamurty, Zhiwei Shan, “A real time TEM study of the deformation mechanisms in β-Ti reinforced bulk metallic glass composites”, Materials Science and Engineering A, (2021), Accepted.

IIT Campus, Hauz Khas, New Delhi, Delhi 110016 Hauz Khas, New Delhi-110016