Additional facilities: Freeze dryer, Specialized polymerization setups, Distillation apparatus including vacuum distillation, Constant temperature baths, Hot air ovens, Vacuum ovens, High precision balances, High speed stirrer, Glove box, Spin coater

Additional facilities include: Gel permeation chromatography, Nanoparticle analyser (DLS), UV-visible spectrophotometer, Fluorescence spectrometer, Zeta sizer, High performance liquid chromatography, Optical microscope with heating and cooling stage, Four probe electrical conductivity apparatus

Additional facilities: Single screw extruder, Twin screw extruder, Two-roll mill, Batch foaming unit, Tool grinding and scrap grinding machines, Pulveriser, Autoclave for microcellular foaming, Micro-compounder, Melt flow index tester

Additional facilities include: Malvern parallel plate Rheometer, Zwick-Z250-UTM with video extensometer, Zwick Z-10-UTM, Aramis-GOM strain field analyzer, Impact tester