The department presently offers two M. Tech. prgrams:

1. M. Tech. in Materials Engineering

2. M. Tech. in Polymer Science and Technology

The primary purpose of these programs is to train students to fulfill the constantly growing requirements of the materials based industry and academia. For admission in to the Polymer Science and Technology M. Tech program, students from diverse backgrounds including B.Tech./B.E. in Polymer Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Material Science, Petroleum Engineering, Textile, Polymer Technology, M.Sc. Chemistry and Physics are eligible. For admission in Materials Engineering M. Tech. program, students from backgrounds including B.Tech./B.E. in Materials or Metallurgical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Ceramics Engineering are eligible. The course structure for the M. Tech. courses is detailed below. More details can be found in the courses of Study (http://iitd.ac.in/content/curriculum-info).


1. M. Tech. in Materials Engineering


   2.  M. Tech in Polymer Science and Technology