Functional Materials & Membranes Group

Department of Materials Science and Engineering | IIT DELHI

Cinque Terre
The objective of the Functional Materials & Membranes (FUNMEM) group is to develop advanced functional materials and membranes with tailored properties taking advantage of the flexibility of playing with polymer chemistry and nanomaterials. We are interested in making unique combination of nanomaterials with functional polymers to fabricate advanced and tuneable membranes for the applications ranging from clean water, separation, energy, environmental, and biotechnological applications. We work with the idea that ultimately control the surface properties to control the permeation of liquid, manipulation of pore sizes, and decoration and functionalization to achieve antifouling, antibacterial, and catalytic properties. We are also engaged in developing charged membranes for ionic transport phenomenon and separator membranes for energy applications such as battery and fuel cells.
  • Hema Garg & Jayashree Mohanty joined the FUNMEM group as PhD Student in collaboration with Prof. Bipin Kumar
We are always looking for motivated Master & PhD students and postdoctoral fellows to join our lab. Please direct your inquiries to Dr. Bijay P. Tripathi. Some of the topics can be found below:
  • 2D materials
  • nanomaterials for environmental application
  • nanoporous membranes
  • functional membranes
  • switchable & smart membrane
  • membranes & electrodes for energy applications
  • catalysis & biocatalysis
  • separators & membranes for battery & storage devices
  • novel polymer nanostrctures, microgels, particles
  • bioseparation & biotechnology
  • students can also propose suitable topics of their own interests
Open Positions